I’ve Seen Versions Of These Now A Few Times And I Really Do Love The Look, And Though This Particular Scarf Doesn’t Come With A Pattern, They Seem Pretty Basic To Figure Out. Hmm, I Can Think Of A Few People That Would Like One

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Perfect Blonde. Obviously Natural Base. I Get My Base From A Bottle, But This Is The Perfect Blonde!!!!!!blonde Ombre If I Had To Guess, The Bas Is A Level 9 Neutral Ash, Using Balayage Around Face. Great Job! Really Like This Color!! | Beauty Darling

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Custom Hand Painted Cinderella Heels – Gorgeous Work-of-art Shoes That Make You Happy — “… It’s A Pair Of Pointy Chartreuse Velvet Pumps. To You, Who Knows. Just Follow Your Gut And Whip ‘em Out Whenever Really Good (and, Hey, Really Bad) Things Happen. Or Just Take Them Out And Look At Them From Time To Time—whatever Makes You Happy.”

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